Welcome!   If you, or your agency, have already been certified by The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) to provide Waiver or Non-Waiver funded Services, and are requesting to be added to the Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities (FCBDD)  Vendor database of authorized providers, please see below for instructions.

The FCBDD requests that all DODD Certified Providers intending to serve in Franklin County supply the Office of Provider Relations with the documentation listed below.

Why is FCBDD collecting this information?

This information is necessary for adding all Agency and Non-Agency (Independent) Providers to our database of authorized providers, (The FCBDD “GateKeeper” Vendor Pool).

Please follow the instructions on the Provider Contact Data Collection Sheet for proper submission to the FCBDD Office of Provider Relations.

Why must I forward my Certification information to FCBDD?

The F.C.B.D.D. database entry is required for service authorizations to be electronically processed for reimbursement for any DODD Waiver and/or DODD Non-Waiver Services.  The Ohio DODD system is not directly connected to each County’s, therefore Certified Providers must contact each County in which they intend to serve.

In addition, FCBDD Service Coordination is required to confirm provider selection by the Individual served/their guardian, via a signed authorization, before DODD will accept provider billing for reimbursement.