Welcome!  If you are a new applicant, and have been directly recruited by an Individual or an Individual’s family, or if you are an Individual or an Individual’s family requesting application assistance for a direct recruit you have selected to provide Homemaker Personal Care (HPC) Services (or other related services to include: Shared Living,  HPC-Transportation, Non-Medical Transportation, Participant-Directed HPC), please email the following information to maggie.hart@fcbdd.org, to receive further instruction, and the Initial training registration for Direct-Recruits.

  • Name and contact information of the Individual/Waiver Recipient to be served (must be confirmed to register for this training)
  • Applicant’s Information, to include:
    • Name
    • Email Address
    • Home Address
    • Telephone Number
  • Requested Start Date (depends upon completion of approval checklist, application submission, review & approval, I.S.P. implementation, etc. )

See below to review the list of basic qualifications for Homemaker Personal Care (H.P.C.) and/or Shared Living (O.S.L.) Service approval:

Basic approval Items required of Direct Recruits of recipients of Supported Living funding, Individual Options (I.O.), Self-Empowered Life Funding (SELF), and Level I (LI) Waivers:

  • Completed Service Application (Instructions supplied by Provider Relations)
  • High School diploma, GED or equivalent documentation
  • Verification of current Auto Insurance coverage (Transportation certification only)
  • Current Abstract of Driving Record (Transportation certification only)
  • Current Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCII) Report (A National FBI report is also required if the applicant has not resided in Ohio for the past 5 years.)
  • Current CPR training card from the American Red Cross, or equivalent (Hands-on training, including an in-person skills test, is required per DODD rule)
  • Current Standard First Aid training card from the American Red Cross, or equivalent (Hands-on training, including an in-person skills test, is required per DODD rule)
  • Complete the FCBDD 8-hour Waiver training session or submit a certificate for 8 hours of initial training in accordance with Rule 5123-2-09 https://dodd.ohio.gov/wps/portal/gov/dodd/forms-and-rules/rules-in-effect/5123-2-09+appendix+a
  • Valid Driver’s License (State ID also accepted)
  • Social Security card
  • Birth Certificate