Welcome!  The Franklin County Board offers a variety of courses to support ongoing training requirements, in accordance with The Ohio Department of Developmental Disability (DODD) Rules governing such.  Due to the new requirements outlined in the Certification Rules implemented 9-1-2021, as referenced below, our “In-Person” courses are not recommended for an Agency’s Director of Operations or their Direct Support Professionals (D.S.P.), since the training must include “Agency-specific” curriculum, which the County Board cannot supply.  In turn, Agencies will refer to DODD to access the online offerings, as indicated below. 

Please select from the categories below to find the selections currently available to fit your needs.

(1)   I am applying to be an Independent Provider, and prefer In-Person classes for meeting the requirements for Initial Certification. 

(2)   I need to register for the training that meets the Annual Renewal requirements outlined in 5123-2-08 | Department of Developmental Disabilities (ohio.gov) (Agency), or https://dodd.ohio.gov/forms-and-rules/rules-in-effect/5123-2-09 (Independent).

(3)   I am seeking online course offerings to fulfill the Initial or 8-Hour Annual requirements: Training | Department of Developmental Disabilities (ohio.gov)