Is my DODD Certification accepted in all 88 Counties?

Yes, DODD certification letters authorize the provider for serving in all Counties in Ohio, but each County registers providers differently, based on the service authorization database in place.   Always contact the local County Board for information on what must be submitted to be set up in that particular County.  Note:  if a serious violation and/or series of violations occurs in a certain County, that Board does have the ability to prohibit Service Authorizations from being approved for a provider to serve Individuals in their County, in accordance with Compliance rules and procedures. 

Will my Certification transfer to another State?

Not likely, as each State has different funding programs, so it is best to check ahead if planning a move.

Following approval, can I serve other Waiver recipients, in addition to the Individual I was initially recruited to serve?

Yes, once approved for the program under which you applied, you can serve other Waiver recipients using the same billing/funding program, if you are in compliance/currently approved.  For more information as to your status, contact the FCBDD Office of Provider Relations.