Welcome! Continued Education training is offered by the Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities (FCBDD) to:

  • assist providers with ongoing maintenance of provider certification,
  • meet annual training requirements, and/or
  • develop skills for enhanced service provision.

UPDATE AS OF 1-1-2022: The new Certification rules now include different requirements for Independent and Agency D.S.P. (staff) training, therefore the In-Person classes offered at FCBDD Administration are not recommended for most Agency staff.  In addition, the FCBDD training will not qualify for the Director of Operations Training requirements, Rule 5123-2-08, APPENDIX A: https://dodd.ohio.gov/forms-and-rules/rules-in-effect/5123-2-08+appendix+a   

Per Agency Certification Rule 5123-2-08, APPENDIX C, https://dodd.ohio.gov/forms-and-rules/rules-in-effect/5123-2-08+appendix+c, the annually required “In-Person” courses offered at Administration will not include the agency-specific materials, therefore, follow-up training would be required for all D.S.P.’s and D.O.O’s.  Still, if space permits, agencies may register staff, and/or representatives assigned to staff training (to complete the course in order to gather materials for creating their own presentation for training direct-care staff on behalf of their agency).  Still, we strongly recommend that agencies refer staff to the DODD site directly for accessing the online training for “Direct Support Professional (DSP) of Waiver Service Annual Training”, then provide their own agency-specific content as outlined in rule.   


IMPORTANT: Online versions of the annually required training are available through The Ohio DODD’s “MyLearning” resource, at mylearning.dodd.ohio.gov.  

Please see below for the current classroom course offerings for the Annually Required topics.  The Instructions for submission are found on each form, and there are no fees charged for attendance.  If unable to open/print a registration form, write to [email protected]

For Compliance guidance, see link to “Rules In Effect” at, dodd.ohio.gov/…administrative-rules-list , and scroll to: 

Chapters 5123-2 & 5123:2-2, “Provider Standards”, and Chapters 5123-9 & 5123:2-9, “Home and Community-Based Services Waivers”, then locate the service you will be providing.

C.P.R. and Standard First Aid Offerings: For a list of local sites offering the courses, we suggest you refer to The American Red Cross, American Heart Association, American Safety & Health Institute, or equivalent agency websites.  FCBDD does not offer renewal courses to the public at the Administration Building.

NOTE: An “in-person skills assessment with an approved trainer”, is required per DODD Rule, therefore online CPR & First Aid courses are not accepted for these requirements. * If an agency offers “partial/blended” online training, to include a skills test completed in person, with an Instructor confirming the trainee’s identity and course completion, DODD will permit that certificate, as long as supporting documentation is submitted for such.

Write to [email protected]