FCBDD staff are prohibited from personally meeting with providers who wish to conduct presentations.  The “Free Choice of Provider Rule” (link below) specifically outlines that County Board staff are prohibited from promoting any provider entity over another.  In turn, allowing providers to meet with our staff, or to supply marketing materials directly to our staff, would present a conflict of interest, as well as a potential violation of this rule. 5123-9-11 | Department of Developmental Disabilities (ohio.gov)

Also, Waiver Recipient profiles are never shared with Providers for solicitation purposes, in order to protect their right to confidentiality, so there is no public “portal”, nor “list”, for such. 

The Individual/Guardian/Advocate involved in the search is first offered the full list of eligible providers from the Ohio DODD, and then the list generated from the FCBDD database, per the process described below, based on the services soughtIf you are/your Agency is fortunate enough to be selected from the list of eligible providers, the assigned FCBDD Service Coordinator will assist the Individual with putting the plan into place.

To market:

For information on the FCBDD Provider Selection Process, please refer to the following links and forms below:

Provider Selection – FCBDD

Overview: https://fcbdd.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/Connector-Program-Purpose-FINAL-3.pdf

FCBDD Provider Request Form (to be completed by a family member/guardian/advocate/Individual): 


FCBDD Provider Profile Form (to be completed by provider marketing for services):


To view your listing on the DODD site, refer to the link below:

Provider Search Engine on the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities’ site: DODD Provider Search (ohio.gov)

NOTE: We will notify all DODD Certified Providers, registered in Franklin County (refer to link: Existing – Seeks FCBDD Entry | Provider Relations – Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities), if an additional online search feature becomes available.  In the meantime, the DODD site is being utilized for provider searches by those outside of our agency.  The Waiver Recipient/Individual’s assigned FCBDD Service Coordinator can access the local list (secure access only).