Welcome!  If you were not able to locate your topic of interest from the FCBDD selections, or prefer online offerings, please see below.  

DODD website link, referencing training:

Training Resources shared in DODD Memo with the 2009 Certification Rule:

“Coming Soon: Free training will be available at DODD Developmental Centers on a limited basis.

The Ohio Association of County Boards of Developmental Disabilities offers eight hours of training on the required topics through their online training center, as well as a variety of Continued Education topics, to include MUI-UI and Rights courses. (FYI: Important these courses are separated out by topic on this site, so you must complete both the MUI-UI and The Individual Rights courses to meet the full standards of the Rule.)

Do alternate trainings count toward Continued Education Units?

If your interest was verifying the acceptance of alternative education, not attended at FCBDD, please see below.  Provider Compliance Reviewers will request documentation as outlined in Rule, to determine if the information presented qualifies for Continued Education Units. A uselful reference tool may be found in the previous Continued Education Rule which was recently merged into each service Rule.  To illustrate: (8) below, clarifies how to properly document your alternative education/training.   

“…(6) Continuing education/training shall be designed to enhance the skills and competencies of the individual provider or employees of the agency provider relevant to their job responsibilities.

(7) Continuing education/training may be structured or unstructured and may include, but not be limited to, the following:

(a) Lectures, seminars or formal course work;

(b) Workshops and conferences;

(c) Demonstrations and displays;

(d) Visitations and observations of other facilities, services and programs;

(e) Distance learning and other electronic means of learning;

(f) Video and other audio-visual training; and

(g) Staff meetings*

(8) The provider shall maintain a written record, which may include an electronic record, of each person’s continuing education/training. This information shall be presented upon request by ODJFS, the department, or the county board. Documentation shall include the following:

(a) The name of the person receiving the training;

(b) Date(s) of training;

(c) Length of training;

(d) Training topic;

(e) Instructor’s name, if applicable;

(f) Brief description of the content of the training….”

*”Staff meetings” may come in the form of an ISP meeting with the Individual’s Service Coordinator , or at an Adult Day Support site with staff, etc., as long as the time and topics of discussion are properly documented.  Note:  Providers should not expect to use these meetings for more than 2 – 3 hours of an annual span, as Compliance Reviewers may require a more formal method of skill development be completed for verifiable Continued Education.