Welcome! You’ve reached the Certification Renewal Support page.  Here you can determine if you need to renew your certification or “reinstate”.  Please continue to read for further explanation.

How do Recertification and Reinstatement differ?

An applicant whose certification has been expired for “less” than one year may apply for, and meet the requirements for, Renewal Certification, as outlined in rule. 

An applicant whose certification has been expired for “one year or more” shall be required to apply for and meet the requirements that equate to Initial Certification.  The returning provider will retain their original Contract Number, and may have an existing Supplier ID, Medicaid Number (“MPN”, used for EVV tracking), and National Provider Identifier (NPI), so please contact our office to verify your status before applying, and supply instructions, to avoid unnecessary delays.  Contact Us | Provider Relations – Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities (fcbdd.org)

Replacing Rule 5123:2-2-01, effective 9-1-2021, the Provider Certification Rule is now separated into two rules, each correlating to the status of the applicant/existing provider.  Rule 5123-2-08 now applies to Agencies, and 5123-2-09 to Independents.  

  • The list of requirements will be found within the online application on the Provider Services Management (PSM) System, based on the services selected.

*Specialized Service Providers follow a different set of standards, so always refer to the Rule Appendices for confirmation, or obtain the list while applying in the Provider Services Management (PSM) System.

Renewal as well as certifications being reinstated are issued for a term of three years.  

Applying with DODD:

Whether Renewing your Certification or Reinstating, you must complete the Certification Renewal/Reinstatement process with the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) by logging onto the Provider Services Management System (PSM)

Note: Applying online requires access to a computer and printer. A scanner will also be helpful when required to upload your documents.  These documents may no longer be sent via US mail or fax.

*The review and Certification Renewal process takes time once an application is received. To avoid a delay in reimbursement, please submit your application and all required documents no less than sixty to ninety (60 – 90) days prior to the expiration date.