Welcome! If you, or your agency, have NOT yet been recruited by an individual or an individual’s family, but are seeking assistance with obtaining Certification through the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) in order to receive referrals to Individuals served by The Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities (FCBDD), please see  below.

We have developed a checklist to guide applicants through the Provider Relations Certification Assistance process, which can be downloaded to use when tracking your progress.

Next, Agency and Non-Agency (Independent) Provider applicants of Homemaker Personal Care, Shared Living, HPC Transportation, and/or Non- Medical Transportation, follow the same basic online application and training process.

Further, FCBDD offers an 8-hour Waiver training course that meets the standards set forth in Rule 5123-2-2-01. View the FCBDD Initial Training registration, offered to Agency and Non-Agency Applicants.

Agency and Non-Agency Provider applicants will be required to complete the online Application for the intended services via the DODD’s “Provider Services Management” (P.S.M.) System at (www.dodd.ohio.gov).

Direct link to Certification page of DODD site:


Note: Applying online requires access to a computer and printer. A scanner will also be helpful when required to upload your documents.  These documents may no longer be sent via US mail or fax.

Things to consider before applying to be a Non-Agency (Independent) Provider:

  • An Independent Certified Provider is a self-employed individual.  As such, the provider needs to be prepared to operate as an independent contractor. In many ways, this is similar to running a small business, and comes with many responsibilities, to include understanding the impact your payments may have on your taxes each year, etc.
  • Billing must be completed online, therefore you will need access to a computer, or agree to contract with a reputable and authorized billing agent to transmit your billing to DODD for you.
  • You will be required to maintain DODD certification, to include completing annual training, as well as complying with DODD rules governing service provision, background checks, and accurate service documentation.

*For services other than Homemaker Personal Care (HPC), Ohio Shared Living (OSL), HPC Transportation (HPC-TR), Non- Medical Transportation (NMT), or Participant-Directed HPC (formerly Community Inclusion), please refer to the “Provider Resources” tab for “Specialized Services”.