Welcome! Two tracks are available for Initial Training, based on your status, so please choose from below:  

(1) Those directly recruited to serve a DODD Waiver Recipient:  This training includes an “In-Person” 8-hour session (offered twice monthly at FCBDD Administration), which includes full presentations of the topics outlined in Rule.  

If you have been recruited by an Individual (DODD Waiver Recipient) or an Individual’s family to provide Homemaker Personal Care Services, or other related services, to include: Ohio Shared Living, Participant-Directed HPC, Transportation, and/or Non-Medical Transportation, please forward the following information to the Provider Relations office, 2879 Johnstown Road, Col., OH  43219, call 614-342-5975/76 or email [email protected], to receive further instructions, and the training registrations for “Direct Recruits”.  NOTE: The online modules (referenced in #2 below), are an option in some circumstances, so will be included in the instructional email.    

  • Name, email and phone number of the Individual to be served
  • Applicant’s contact information, to include: 
    • Name
    • Email Address
    • Home Address
    • Telephone Number
  • Requested Start Date (dependent upon completion of approval checklist, application review, approval finalization, I.S.P. implementation, etc.) 

(2) Those seeking general “Initial” Independent Certification, deeming them eligible to receive referrals & market their services (meaning NOT directly recruited for a particular DODD Waiver Recipient), should refer to the Ohio DODD Independent online presentation.

DODD online versions of the required courses are available thru “DODD MyLearning”, after registering for a secure account at: http://dodd.ohio.gov/Training/Pages/default.aspx. 

The requirements are outlined in the Independent Certification Rule 5123-2-09, APPENDIX A, https://dodd.ohio.gov/forms-and-rules/rules-in-effect/5123-2-09+appendix+a . The Certificate of completion for the Online modules can be submitted (uploaded) with the application for DODD Initial Certification. 

Agency Applicants and Providers can find their requirements at: 5123-2-08 | Department of Developmental Disabilities (ohio.gov)