Welcome! Two tracks are offered for Initial Training.  Direct Recruits attend an 8-hour session, which includes full presentations of Documentation Implementation and Methodology, while those initially seeking Certification to be eligible to receive referrals, attend a basic 8-hour presentation of the DODD required topics.

Why are the two tracks different?

The 8-hour course enables the trainee, who has NOT been directly recruited, to receive a Certificate which meets the basic requirements outlined in Rule 5123-2-2-01.
DODD now offers an online version of the 8-hour course at: http://dodd.ohio.gov/Training/Pages/default.aspx.
Either can be submitted with the application for DODD Certification, or Recertification.  Later, (required within 60 days of initiating services), the provider will need to return for a more in depth, and interactive, version of the Documentation and Compliance topics separately.

Please select the category that best represents your current status, and follow up as indicated:

(1) I have been recruited by an individual or an individual’s family to provide Homemaker Personal Care Services, or other related services to include: Ohio Shared Living (formerly Adult Family Living & Adult Foster Care), Participant-Directed HPC (formerly Community Inclusion), HPC-Transportation, and/or Non-Medical Transportation.  .

If you belong to category (1) please forward the following information to the Provider Relations office at 2879 Johnstown Road, Columbus, OH  43219, or email to maggie.hart@fcbdd.org, to receive further instructions.

  • Name, email and phone number of the Individual to be served
  • Applicant’s contact information, to include: 
    • Name
    • Email Address
    • Home Address
    • Telephone Number
  • Requested Start Date (dependent upon completion of approval checklist, application review, approval finalization, I.S.P. implementation, etc.) 

(2) I have NOT yet been recruited by an individual or an individual’s family and am seeking assistance with obtaining DODD Provider Certification for Homemaker Personal Care “HPC” Services, (or other related services, to include: Ohio Shared Living “OSL”, HPC Transportation, Non-Medical Transportation “NMT”, Participant-Directed Homemaker Personal Care “PD-HPC”)Note to agency provider applicants: The two-day (8-hour) orientation is not meant for all direct care staff, but for a representative from the agency to attend and share the information with (train in-house) the remainder of the staff.  Still, if space permits, we can accommodate additional registrants if accompanied by a $25 training fee for each trainee.

*For services other than “HPC”, Ohio Shared Living “OSL”, HPC Transportation, Non- Medical Transportation, or “PD-HPC”, please refer to the “Provider Resources” tab for “Specialized Services”.