Welcome! If you are seeking to maintain ongoing training and compliance standards with DODD Rules and procedures, see below for guidance.

All agency and Non-Agency (Independent) Providers of Waiver and Non-Waiver funded services are subject to Provider Compliance reviews.

  • Compliance review refers to department or county board reviews of certified providers for the purpose of determining provider compliance with applicable requirements in order to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the individual.

For a full list of rules and laws in effect, you may visit The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) site.

Compliance Support:

See below for resources on a variety of compliance standards:

(1)   My contact information has changed, or will be changing (to include name, address, phone number, email, etc.).

How do I update my contact information for billing and communications with FCBDD and DODD?

Why is it imperative to maintain current contact information?

      1. As a Provider’s expiration date approaches, correspondence is sent from DODD via the email address that is listed in the DODD Provider Services Management (PSM) database.  In turn, you need to check your information through the PSM periodically, to ensure that your information is correct and up to date, or you could risk suspension, or even termination.
      2. Adherence to DODD Rule 5123:2-2-01 Provider certification: …(C)(j) for Independents and (D)(9) for Agencies  –> Each provider shall “…provide and maintain on file with the department, current United States mail and electronic mail addresses.”

Continuing Certification Standards

Ensure the provision/delivery of services in accordance with the Individualized Service Plan (ISP):